Information Technology Course Crosswalk
NOTE: For students continuing in the CINS program, the new courses to the right are the equivalent to the original courses offered under the School of Business. If a student changes his major from CINS to either SDEV, DBMS, or INFM, it is not necessarily the case that an SoB course will be accepted in place of an School of IT course. Consult with your advisor to confirm. 
SoB Course School of Business Course Description SoIT Course School of Information Technology Course Description
CINS 102* Information Systems Fundamentals INFM 109* Informatics Fundamentals
CINS 113** Computing Logic SDEV 120** Computing Logic
CINS 125 Database Design and Management DBMS 110 Database Design and Management
CINS 131 Structured Query Language DBMS 130 Data Management using Structured Query Language
CINS 121 C/C++ Programming  SDEV 140** Introduction to Software Development
CINS 129 Introduction to C# Programming
CINS 133 Introduction to Python Programming
CINS 136 Introduction to Java Programming
CINS  137 Visual Basic Programming
CINS 135 Programming Mobile Application SDEV 164 Mobile Application Development
CINS 139 Introduction to Computer Forensics CSIA 135 Digital Forensics
CINS 157 Web Site Development SDEV 153 Web Site Development
CINS 203 Systems Analysis and Design CPIN 239 Systems Analysis and Design
CINS 205 Database Design  DBMS 150 Oracle Database Administration I
CINS 221 Advanced C/C++ Programming  SDEV 230 Software Development using C++
CINS 225 Advanced Database Mgt Systems  DBMS 210 Database Design and Development
CINS 229 Advanced C# Programming  SDEV 240 Software Development using C#
CINS 233 Advanced Python Programming  SDEV 220 Software Development using Python
CINS 236 Advanced Java Programming SDEV 200 Software Development using Java
CINS 237 Advanced Visual Basic Programming  SDEV 210 Software Development using Visual Basic
CINS 257 Advanced Web Site Development SDEV 250 Client-Side Scripting Language and Tools
CINS 258 Web Applications Programming SDEV 253 Server-Side Scripting Language and Tools
CINS 259 Web Administration SDEV 281 Advanced Special Topics - WebServer Administration
CINS 279 Capstone Course CPIN 279 Computing and Informatics Exploration and Evaluation
CINT 279
INSE  279
CINS 280 Co-op/Internship/Externship   CPIN 280 Computing and Informatics Co-op/Internship/Externship
CINT 280
INSE 280
CINT 106*** Microcomputer Operating Systems ITSP 135*** Hardware/Software Support
CINT 108 Linux Fundamentals SVAD 111 Linux and Virtualization Technologies Fundamentals
CINT 120 Network Communications NETI 100 Network Communications
CINT 121 Network Fundamentals NETI 105 Network Fundamentals
CINT 161 Cisco Exploration: Routing Protocols NETI 115 Routing and Switching
CINT 204 Linux Networking SVAD 216 Linux Administration II
CINT 208 Advanced Linux Concepts SVAD 116 Linux Administration I
CINT 226 Windows Network Infrastructure SVAD 231 Microsoft Server Administration I
CINT 227 Managing a Windows Network SVAD 236 Microsoft Server Administration II
CINT 228 Administering Windows Active Directorys SVAD 241 Microsoft Server Administration III
CINT 251 Introduction to Systems Security CSIA 105 Introduction to Cyber Security/Information Assurance
CINT 260 Cisco Exploration: LAN Switching/Wireless NETI 205 Scaling Networks
CINT 261 Cisco Exploration: Accessing the WAN NETI 215 Connecting Networks
CINT 263 Cisco IP Telephony NETI 245 Voice over Internet Protocol
CINT 274 Wireless Network Administrator NETI 250 Wireless LAN Networking
CINT 275 Cisco Network Security NETI 240 Cisco Network Security
CINT 115 PC Technology Essentials  ITSP 135 Hardware/Software Support
CINT 116 IT Technician
CINT 221 Windows Client Operating System SVAD 121 Enterprise Computing
CINT 225 Windows Network Operating Systems
INSE 201 Risk Management/Cyber Terrorism CSIA 260 Business Continuity in an Information World 
INSE 202 Advanced Firewalls and Routers CSIA 215 Perimeter Defense
INSE 250 Ethical Hacking & Database Mgt  CSIA 225 Ethical Hacking
INSE 210 Secure Coding Theory CSIA 245 Cryptography/Secure Coding Theory and Application
INSE 211 Cryptography  
* CINS majors can use INFM 109 to meet the CINS 102 requirement.
SDEV, INFM, and DBMS majors can use CINS 102 to meet the INFM 109 requirement, but are encouraged to take INFM 109 for the new content.
** CINS majors can use SDEV 120 to meet the CINS 113 requirement.
SDEV, INFM, and DBMS majors can use CINS 113 Computing Logic (computer math) to meet the SDEV 120 requirement.
SDEV, INFM, and DBMS majors can use CINS 113 Logic, Design, and Programming (with Visual Basic) to meet the SDEV 140 requirement.
*** CINS majors can use ITSP 135 to meet the CINT 106 requirement.
SDEV, INFM, and DBMS majors cannot use CINT 106 to meet the ITSP 135 requirement.