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SDEV153-00C Spring Schedule 2018

1 01/15/18 Units A,B Course Introduction
S01 DB, S01A, S01B, Quiz A and B
2 01/22/18 Unit C Getting Started with CSS
S02 IC3, Quiz C
3 01/29/18 Unit E Formatting Text with CSS
S03 DB, S03 IC3, Quiz E
4 02/05/18 Unit F Inserting and Working with Links
S04 IC3, Project Proposal, Quiz F
5 02/12/18 Unit G Inserting and Working with Images
S05 IC3, Quiz G
6 02/19/18 Unit H Organizing Content with Lists and Tables
S06 IC3, Quiz H
7 02/26/18 Unit D Implementing Page Layout with HTML and CSS
S07 IC3, Status Report, Quiz D
8 03/05/18 Unit K Applying Advanced CSS
S08 IC3, Quiz K
* * * S P R I N G     B R E A K * * *
9 03/19/18 Unit J Creating and Processing Web Forms
S09 IC3, Quiz J
10 03/26/18 Unit L Incorporating Audio and Video
S10 IC3, Status Report, Quiz L
11 04/02/18 Unit M Programming Web Pages with JavaScript
S11 IC3, Quiz M
12 04/09/18 Unit N Integrating Social Media Tools
S12 IC3, Quiz N
13 04/16/18 Unit O Optimizing Your Web Site for Search Engines
S13 DB, S13 IC3, Final Draft, Quiz O
14 04/23/18 Unit I Adapting Your Web Site for Mobile Devices
S14 DB, S14 IC3, Quiz I
15 04/30/18 Unit P Testing and Finalizing Your Web Site
S15 IC3, Quiz P
16 05/07/18
Final Exam and Final Project
S16 Final Project and Report, Final Exam